Do You Have 5 Minutes? You Can Help the Missionaries We Support.

By Kevin Miller

Pray. Give. Go.

I love to hear those words. These three words are more than a catchy slogan for WorldLife.  They are more than a nice touch to our missions program. They are a catalyst to life change around the corner and around the world. Today I want to focus on our first word: Pray.

Prayer is first and foremost. As a church, we want to foster a passion for people to pray for unreached people all over the world and to pray for all of the missionaries we support. By praying, we spiritually take part in the fight for the Gospel to be taken all over this world. We can’t all live overseas and be missionaries but we can all make a difference by praying.

I would like for you to take a moment out of your day wherever you are and spend five minutes praying for the missionaries that we support as a church and the unreached people groups all over the world. Our missionaries are listed below:

* Don Bader - Intercultural Ministry
* David Buckley - Hungary
* Barbara Cavaness - Asia-Pacific
* City on a Hill - Milwaukee, WI
* Earl Creps - Beckley, California
* Troy Darrin - Moldova
* Leah Diaz - Ecuador 
* Joshua Ernst - Chi Alpha
* Carol Feigleson - Thailand
* John Gowdy - Food for the Hungry
* Dan Herod - Youth Alive
* Kent Hulbert - Youth Alive
* Danny Irizarry - Cuba
* Matt Johnson - East Africa
* Mark Mallowitz - Basics ministry
* Wendell McClung - Lithuania
* Michael McNamee - Convoy of Hope Europe
* Paul Parks - Ministry to Muslims
* Paul Pierquet - Ukraine
* Search Ministries
* Phil Schmidt - Latin American Child Care
* Special Touch Ministries
* Chris Stubbs - South Africa
* Teen Challenge
* Matt Wilkie - Convoy of Hope
* Sensitive - North Africa
* Sensitive – China
* Sensitive - Afganistan
* Sensitive - Laos
* Sensitive – India

Thank you for taking time out of your day to pray for the heroes who are giving their lives for the Gospel.  

A team of women from Life Church recently went on a missions trip to Kolkata, India, to work with a ministry called At the Well, which helps women and children in one of India’s largest red light districts. The team worked with At the Well to help the women and children get into educational facilities, and learn how to make jewelry which can be sold to buy their freedom from life in the brothels, and also provide an alternate source of income on which they can live. Here’s a glimpse of their trip.

What Does “Acting Normal” Look Like for a Christ Follower?

By Kevin Miller

I have always been fascinated with the book of Acts (I know that I am the director of WorldLife, our missions and outreach ministry, so I may be a little biased). I often wonder as a Christ follower how I would walk out my faith if I had no other examples but the Bible. Don’t get me wrong, I believe in leveraging technology and other things in our culture to bring the Gospel more effectively, but “acting” normal as a Christ follower should look a lot like the book of Acts. I could spend all day talking about amazing things that happened in this book, but something that stands out to me is the way Paul and the other disciples listened to the Holy Spirit on their missionary journeys.
When these disciples and followers of Christ would take their missionary journeys, many of them had a plan; they knew what they wanted to do and where they wanted to go. I refuse to believe that as a Christ follower, we should just go around aimlessly and hope the Holy Spirit directs us. On the other hand, with our plans that we have, we need to be obedient to the Holy Spirit in the process. The Holy Spirit is a gift from God, sent to be our comforter and our supporter as we walk out our day to day lives.
All of the Christ followers in Acts needed the Holy Spirit for their lives. They heard the command of Jesus to go into all of the world and they did… along with the Holy Spirit. One aspect about Paul and the others that I love is the fact they did not have to wait on God to tell them that they needed to minister to people… they knew that He already wanted them to. They did not wait on God to give them a place… He already told them where to go (Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and to the ends of the earth). And so they went and did what they had planned until the Holy Spirit told them to go somewhere else. Many accounts in Acts speak about the Holy Spirit telling them not to go to a particular area, but to go somewhere else. That is because God knows the ultimate plan in all of our lives and He knows where and how we can make the most impact.

If we acknowledge and listen to the Holy Spirit on our day to day journey of life, we would truly be “acting normal”. He is there to help us make our crucial decisions in life. He is there to nudge us to talk to the person at work that has seemed depressed for the pass couple of days. He is there to help us walk out the plans God has for us. He is there for us to make a global impact and to go around the corner and around the world sharing Jesus with people. He is there for us to truly “act normal”.

Japan still needs your help. Kevin Miller talks about the aftershock that rocked Japan today, and how you can continue to help this quake-weary country.

"My dad can beat up your dad!"

By Kevin Miller

Do you remember the age at which you vocalized the concept that your dad could beat up anyone else’s dad? I remember actually telling one of my friends in kindergarten that my dad had bigger muscles than his dad. A ten minute argument ensued. 

Or can you remember being in a dangerous situation, but knowing your dad was there? I remember being at a baseball game when I was little and hearing people shout that someone in the stands had a gun.  My dad immediately took my hand and it seemed to make everything better because I knew I was safe with him.

The way I used to (and still) brag on my dad and feel comfortable around my dad is the way that we should feel about our heavenly Father. My “life verse” from the Bible comes from Isaiah 42: 6-7. The first part of this passage says, “I will take hold of your hand.” The simplicity of this verse has been extravagant in my life. I know that in any situation, my Father, my dad, has my hand.              
This verse has brought a mixture of boldness and comfort in my life. I feel a boldness knowing Jesus has my hand wherever I go to “brag” on Him. I feel a comfort knowing that the Creator of the universe has my back in any situation.   

The next part of this passage talks about doing things that are seemingly impossible like “opening eyes that are blind” and “freeing captives from prison.” Knowing God has your hand in any situation begins to make the impossible possible in your life. God calls us to live a lifestyle of continually holding His hand. After all, He is our Dad, and He does know what is best for us.

Getting to Know You: Kevin Miller



1. What’s your role at Life Church?
Director of Missions and Outreach
2. Besides Life Church, what are you passionate about?
Changing the world, having fun, and sports: specifically golf, baseball, and snow skiing.
3. Share some things on your “bucket list.”
I want to go sky diving and to a world series (with the Atlanta Braves playing in it of course).
4. Who’s influencing you right now?
Aaron Cole
Bill Johnson
Andy Stanley
5. What’s your favorite meal?
Jamaican shrimp and chicken from the Cheesecake Factory and steak from my grill.
6. What’s something we may not know about you?
I have owned over 12 different cars… it’s a hobby.