This year, Life Church gave $421,900.68 to missions! That generosity made it possible for us to help mission efforts AROUND THE WORLD! Here’s a glimpse of how we are making a global impact.

This past year, our volunteers served 1,411 hours in Milwaukee! Thank you Life Church! Your sacrifice is making an impact in this city!

Why does the INVITE matter? Because it can change someone’s life! Kevin Miller shares a story from a recent mission trip to Liverpool, England.

Thank you, Life Church, for your generosity! You are making a difference!

Last weekend Life Church participated in Convoy of Hope’s “One Day to Feed the World” campaign and raised over 26K to help put food, water, and supplies in the hands of impoverished and starving people throughout the world.

To find out how your church, organization, or business can participate in One Day to Feed the World, check out the "One Day" page on Convoy of Hope’s website. 

Check out Pastor Kevin’s blog all the way from Laos!

Japan still needs your help. Kevin Miller talks about the aftershock that rocked Japan today, and how you can continue to help this quake-weary country.

One Thing EVERY Christian Can Do for Missionaries

By Kevin Miller

When we think of Christianity, we usually think of a daily devotion and making it to a weekend worship service. Being a Christian in the United States is drastically different compared to being a Christian in others parts of the world. I found out that over 171,000 missionaries gave their lives for Jesus last year alone. These martyrs made the same decision to follow Christ that we do, they just faced a completely different giant in life: not having freedom. They wake up knowing that they could loose their life because of their beliefs. That is the real world that we live in.
I continually ask God to show me His heart for the world. Although I will never be able to experience this completely, I ask Him to let me feel a little of what He feels for the nations. I am challenged to the core when I hear about missionaries supported by Life Church getting their lives threatened everyday in Afghanistan. Just last month, the aforementioned missionary family was kicked out of their house by extremist because of their faith. I do not know why we are more blessed than others, but I know that we do have the power to make a difference in their lives.
The one thing we can all do to make a difference is PRAY. No matter who we are, or where we live, or what our circumstances may be, ALL of us can pray for those serving on the front lines. I never want to underestimate the power of prayer. God uses us in mighty ways as we pray for all of the missionaries that we support. Be challenged just as I am, to pray for our family in Christ around the world.


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