Are you so plugged in that you’ve tuned God out?

By Philip Voisin

Today’s technology has made everyday tasks easier, simpler and more efficient. Cell phones have replaced home phones. Laptops have replaced desktops, and tablets are beginning to replace laptops. Cellphones have cameras with the capability of posting to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram so that the whole world can see. Movies can now be streamed right to the devices in your hand. 
With all this technology at our disposal, we should have more free time, right? Wrong! People are spending more time then ever on social media, taking pictures, and spending more time on the Internet. In fact, two-thirds of all Google searches come from mobile devices.

"Be still, and know that I am God." - Psalm 46:10

We have to intentionally slow down. Slow down, turn off the technology, and let God speak into our lives. Schedule some “off” time this week and let God move.

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