Spring Break is almost here! If your High School or Middle School student would like an opportunity to get off the couch and put their faith into action, SERVOLUTION is the perfect thing! Find out what it’s about in the video then download your Servolution parent consent form and schedule here.

What does it look like when thousands of students give their all to God in worship? Noel Miller gives us a glimpse of this year’s Youth Convention.

Noel Miller talks about Student Life and sharing your faith with others.

Are You Missing What’s Most Important?

Getting to Know You: Noel Miller

1. What’s your role at Life Church?

Director of StudentLife

2. Besides Life Church, what are you passionate about?

Eradicating Human Trafficking

Sports (Anything Atlanta!) 

3. Share some things on your “bucket list.”

Go to a Super Bowl with the Atlanta Falcons playing off course!

4. Who’s influencing you right now?

Heidi Baker & Ree Drummond (the Pioneer Woman)

5. What’s your favorite meal?

Sushi & Mexican 

6. What’s something we may not know about you?

I have traveled to over 13 different countries.



Are You a Burning Bush?

By Noel Miller

A few weeks ago Life Church did a series called “I AM NOT.” We took a
few weeks and broke down insecurities that we all often face.

I remember sitting in one of the services when Pastor Aaron spoke on
Moses and the burning bush.  I admit I have heard this story
since I was twelve, but that day I heard something different.

That day my attention was directed to the burning bush. It was a
simple bush in the middle of the dessert, but God used this bush to
speak to a world changer. Often times I wonder if I would allow God to
totally consume me like He did that bush, how many world changers
would God speak to through me or even through us?

Starting in January, StudentLife kicks off a brand new series
called “Who’s counting on You?” We will talk about people
who are counting on us to speak life into them, the future world
changers who are just waiting to hear that God loves and believes in

It’s amazing to think that God would choose to use us when we decide
to allow Him to consume us the way He did that simple bush.