LLC Student highlight - Makenzie Muehler

By Noel Miller

Here at Life Church, one of my favorite things I get the privilege of doing is training and developing the next generation of ministers through Life Leadership College. I wanted to take a minute and highlight one of our first year students.

Makenzie Muehler, from Sussex, WI,  is a first year student whose heart and desire is to become a full time missionary. This summer Makenzie will be interning with Convoy of Hope Europe in Belgium. She will learn first hand what it is like to work with a missions organization that is changing the world! To stay up to date with Makenzie as she embarks on this journey, check out her Facebook page ( or follow her on twitter (@kenziemuehler)

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God’s Grace…Revealed

By Noel Miller

Have you ever had a moment where you sit down and find yourself in awe of the God we serve? Maybe it’s after a huge breakthrough. Or maybe it’s a powerful revelation of grace.  I had this moment a few weeks ago when I stumbled upon an old video of a pastor in Atlanta who did a teaching on God revealed through creation.

I found myself at the end of this video in awe and speechless, all at the same time. To know that we serve a God who would remind us in every way that He holds us together, no mater what we face! I would love for you to take a minute and check this out:

Some Women and Some Men

By Noel Miller

A few weeks ago Life Leadership College hosted the first ever “One Day”
where we gave students the opportunity to see what Life Leadership College is all about. It was a great day filled with excitement for the future. During our chapel we encouraged students to be “some” men and “some” women looking to change the world. We referenced the story in Luke, Chapter 5, where some men carried a man to Jesus to be healed.

It was the faith, love, and hope of those men that lead Jesus to heal that man. We encouraged the students to look for opportunities to lead, carry, and love people into the presence of Jesus. I encourage you today to look for opportunities to be “some” men or “some” women who will lead or carry people into the presences of Jesus.

Let’s take every opportunity to see people meet their Healer. You never know who is one friend away from encountering Jesus!


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Are You Looking for Adventure?

Photo Source: via Pinterest

By Noel Miller

My husband, Kevin, and I started dating the summer of our senior year. Like all good southern couples we loved riding around in his dad’s truck. One summer afternoon while riding around, Kevin pointed out a hill that he often passed and wondered what was on the other side. The adventurous, curious side of us came out. We stopped the truck, got out and ran across that hill. And I have to say, the adventure has never stopped for us. From living in India to moving to this tundra we call Wisconsin, we’ve always loved exploring the unknown.

So many times in life we pass by things or even miss out on adventures that God may have laid out for us. This fall we are launching our brand new ministry college, Life Leadership College. This four year fully accredited college will train and develop the next generation of world changers. It is an exciting adventure for students who want to pursue a life in full time ministry.  We have students who are signed up and ready to take on an adventure, students who are ready to see what’s on the other side of that hill!

I encourage you with whatever adventure God has laid out for you, to get out of the truck and go exploring!  


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Spring Break is almost here! If your High School or Middle School student would like an opportunity to get off the couch and put their faith into action, SERVOLUTION is the perfect thing! Find out what it’s about in the video then download your Servolution parent consent form and schedule here.

Women Who Inspire Greatness

By Noel Miller

Over the past few years, the Lord has placed a certain scripture on my heart that has helped me grow in my walk with Him. Proverbs 27:17 says, “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.”

We can surround ourselves with people who will help us sharpen who we are in Him. These people can be close to us in proximity or they can be people we look up from a far.

Following is a list of five women who have inspired me both near and far, in no particular order. I encourage you to check them out on Facebook or any other social media outlet.

1. My MawMaw: Her pure heart for Jesus and faith in everyday things makes me want to have pure motives in everything I do. Not to mention she is EXTREMELY sassy! (Sorry, she doesn’t have Facebook!) 

2. Christine Caine: The work she does in the field of human trafficking is so inspiring and to see how God has used her to make such a big impact. 

3. Monique Shaw: Another woman who, on a smaller scale but with great impact, is changing a Red Light District in the city of Kolkata through jewelry and prayer.  

4. All the women on Pinterest: The time and dedication to make things look cool is so inspiring!  

5. Tammy Cole: She believes in me more that I do myself! 

6. Julia A’Bell: I listen to her podcast on Hillsong Sisterhood all the time. She is a great communicator and I love her passion for God! 

These are just a few of the women that influence and inspire me! 

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