This year, Life Church gave $421,900.68 to missions! That generosity made it possible for us to help mission efforts AROUND THE WORLD! Here’s a glimpse of how we are making a global impact.

This past year, our volunteers served 1,411 hours in Milwaukee! Thank you Life Church! Your sacrifice is making an impact in this city!

Do You Have 5 Minutes? You Can Help the Missionaries We Support.

By Kevin Miller

Pray. Give. Go.

I love to hear those words. These three words are more than a catchy slogan for WorldLife.  They are more than a nice touch to our missions program. They are a catalyst to life change around the corner and around the world. Today I want to focus on our first word: Pray.

Prayer is first and foremost. As a church, we want to foster a passion for people to pray for unreached people all over the world and to pray for all of the missionaries we support. By praying, we spiritually take part in the fight for the Gospel to be taken all over this world. We can’t all live overseas and be missionaries but we can all make a difference by praying.

I would like for you to take a moment out of your day wherever you are and spend five minutes praying for the missionaries that we support as a church and the unreached people groups all over the world. Our missionaries are listed below:

* Don Bader - Intercultural Ministry
* David Buckley - Hungary
* Barbara Cavaness - Asia-Pacific
* City on a Hill - Milwaukee, WI
* Earl Creps - Beckley, California
* Troy Darrin - Moldova
* Leah Diaz - Ecuador 
* Joshua Ernst - Chi Alpha
* Carol Feigleson - Thailand
* John Gowdy - Food for the Hungry
* Dan Herod - Youth Alive
* Kent Hulbert - Youth Alive
* Danny Irizarry - Cuba
* Matt Johnson - East Africa
* Mark Mallowitz - Basics ministry
* Wendell McClung - Lithuania
* Michael McNamee - Convoy of Hope Europe
* Paul Parks - Ministry to Muslims
* Paul Pierquet - Ukraine
* Search Ministries
* Phil Schmidt - Latin American Child Care
* Special Touch Ministries
* Chris Stubbs - South Africa
* Teen Challenge
* Matt Wilkie - Convoy of Hope
* Sensitive - North Africa
* Sensitive – China
* Sensitive - Afganistan
* Sensitive - Laos
* Sensitive – India

Thank you for taking time out of your day to pray for the heroes who are giving their lives for the Gospel.  

12 Things Kevin Ganiere Learned in New York City

By Kevin Ganiere
Recently we took a group of twenty-six students and six leaders from Student Life across the country to New York City. Here’s what I learned while we were there:
    The city is crazy busy. 

    Driving through the city in a van sharpens your driving skills.

    Driving through the city stretches your imagination as to where vans can fit/park.

    Driving through the city causes you to up your aggressive driving meter.

    Taking 26 students on the subway is a challenge

6. Late night food vendors are very nice and their food is very good.

7.  Seeing students minister with boldness is inspiring.

    Seeing students pray that that rain would stop and stepping out onto dry Harlem streets was awesome.

    Praying for the lost and broken of NYC causes your heart to align with God’s.

    Having kids called into ministry and given visions of what God is calling them to do on a trip is humbling.

 Thinking that NYC was full of cabs and crazy people was correct but it also is filled with people who need God. 

 Going on a missions trip changes your heart for people. 

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Top 5 Summer Activities at Life Church

1. Life Church Charity Golf Outing - Sunday, June 24, 2012 - This scramble format tournament is always a fun event! All proceeds benefit the Center for the Blind. Find info on our “events” page.

2. Dad Fest - June 16/17 - Join us as we celebrate Father’s Day. Every man, 18 years and older, will have the chance to win a $250 shopping spree to Cabela’s or Golfsmith.

3. 4th of July Parades in Germantown & Pewaukee - We need volunteers and bottled water to distribute. LOTS of bottled water!

4. Summer Camp. Faith is strengthened and great memories are made at camp! Download information packed for your student here.

5. 2nd Saturday in July - Our monthly service opportunity is always a great chance to reach out to our community and make it a better place. Email for info.

Are You Making A Difference?

By Courtney Etzel

Life Church recently held an event for women called Heart and Soul. It was a great night, full of worship, tears, and laughter. If you missed this event, you really missed out, so be sure to mark your calendars for the next one. 

At Heart and Soul, Tammy Cole recommended four books that we talked about in an earlier post here on our blog. One of the books Tammy suggested was Kisses from Katie by Katie Davis, so I’ve been reading it. In the book, Davis shares her personal story and reveals how God’s plan for her life was different than what she had envisioned for herself. Ultimately, she moved to Uganda  and fell in love with the country and the people, and began to see God’s plan unroll.  

The passion and sacrifice Katie Davis made was inspiring. I began to imagine what would happen if everyone shared Katie’s passion to make a difference and to show the love of Jesus to others. I know we can’t all move to another country, but we can go to our own backyards, our own neighborhoods, and we can make a difference in the lives of people we come into contact with on a daily basis.  

If you want to make a difference in people’s lives, I encourage you to serve in a ministry here at Life Church. There are so many opportunities available. Find one that best fits the talents God has given you by going through our Life Track program and start making a difference today!

Why does the INVITE matter? Because it can change someone’s life! Kevin Miller shares a story from a recent mission trip to Liverpool, England.