Twitterview with Heart & Soul Speaker Paula Muehler & daughter Makenzie

LIFE CHURCH - Q1: #MothersDay is next weekend. Do you have any special plans? #LCHeart

Paula Muehler - Mother’s day usually starts with my favorite breakfast. I plan to spend the rest of the day is with my family.

LIFE CHURCH -  Sounds fun! Breakfast is always good - especially if someone else cooks it for you!

LIFE CHURCH - Q2: Makenzie- What’s 1 of the most important things your mom has taught you?

Makenzie Muehler - My mom has taught me that I don’t have to let any problems I may have stand in the way of what I can accomplish.

LIFE CHURCH - Q3: Paula - At HEART & SOUL you’ll be talking about your family’s journey of faith & Makenzie’s Chronic illness, right? #LCHeart

Paula Muehler - Yes that is correct.

LIFE CHURCH - Q4: Paula - What’s 1 thing you’d say to other moms (& dads) in your situation? 

Paula Muehler - Deal with it as a family Don’t let illness put barriers on your child’s life and always remember God is in control.

LIFE CHURCH - Good #advice!

LIFE CHURCH - Q5: Makenzie - Like your mom said, you’ve refused to let your illness put barriers on your life. How do you stay so positive?

Makenzie Muehler - I stay positive by always reminding myself that my God is bigger than any disease & He’s got a plan. 

LIFE CHURCH - Q6: Are there any Bible verses you turn to time & again for encouragement?

Paula Muehler - I have two, Jeremiah 29:11 and Romans 8:28.

Makenzie MuehlerJeremiah 29:11 and 2 Corinthians 12:9-10.

LIFE CHURCH -  Q7: Paula - Even when times are stressful/busy, why is it important for women to take time to connect with God & one another?

Paula Muehler - Connect daily with God to keep focused Connect with friends to support the various journeys God has us on.

LIFE CHURCH - Q8: And HEART & SOUL is a great place for women to connect! What are you most looking forward to at HEART & SOUL? #LCHeart

Paula Muehler - My prayer is that God will be able to use our story to provide hope & encouragement to the ladies of LC.

LIFE CHURCH -  We hope so, too! Big THANKS to you & Makenzie for chatting w/ us today! Look fwd to seeing you at HEART & SOUL!#LCHeart


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