By Kevin Ganiere

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What has God called you to do “one day”?

By Kevin Ganiere

My wife, Charonne, and I have long had the God given desire to be involved in foster care/adoption, but we always dreamed of doing it “one day”. You know, when the kids were older. However, our “one day” was trumped by God saying, “NOW.” Then lots of paper work, classes, and meetings with social workers, plus a six-month wait, brought us our first foster daughter.

It was an emotionally draining but exciting time for us as we welcomed this fragile three-month-old into our home. Doubts and fear about whether or not we would be able to handle this situation were put aside by the fact that God had called us to it.

Two plus years into foster care, our family of five turned to six as we welcomed our second foster daughter into the family. (Side note: Four kids are no joke!) More doubts and fear surrounding the challenges this little one has brought have once again been trumped by the fact that HE had called us to this. 

In 2 Samuel 23:14, David’s mighty men risked life and limb for a cool glass of water from a well that was beyond the enemy lines. Why? Because their King asked for it. Here is something I think we can get from this story of David’s men: They heard the request and acted. They didn’t say “Well maybe if we pass by there someday we could fetch that cold glass for you” or “after we defeat the enemy we can get that water.” They acted immediately.

I think a lot of times we miss out on the blessing of God because we don’t act immediately on what he says. But sometimes what God asks us to do is difficult or maybe embarrassing. When fear and doubt creep in, remember who called you – God, and then remember that fear is not from the Lord (2 Tim 1:7). You will never do anything great for God if you let fear paralyze you and keep you from doing what He has called you to do. 

So what about you? What has God called you to do? Have you let fear and doubt creep in or have you said “one day”. Don’t let your “one day” be a distant nothingness. Let your “one day” be TODAY!

12 Things Kevin Ganiere Learned in New York City

By Kevin Ganiere
Recently we took a group of twenty-six students and six leaders from Student Life across the country to New York City. Here’s what I learned while we were there:
    The city is crazy busy. 

    Driving through the city in a van sharpens your driving skills.

    Driving through the city stretches your imagination as to where vans can fit/park.

    Driving through the city causes you to up your aggressive driving meter.

    Taking 26 students on the subway is a challenge

6. Late night food vendors are very nice and their food is very good.

7.  Seeing students minister with boldness is inspiring.

    Seeing students pray that that rain would stop and stepping out onto dry Harlem streets was awesome.

    Praying for the lost and broken of NYC causes your heart to align with God’s.

    Having kids called into ministry and given visions of what God is calling them to do on a trip is humbling.

 Thinking that NYC was full of cabs and crazy people was correct but it also is filled with people who need God. 

 Going on a missions trip changes your heart for people. 

Summer Camps Your Kids will LOVE!

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By Kevin Ganiere

Summer is the best time of year (Christmas is a close second). There is so much to do and the best place to be is outside enjoying the awesome weather. In LifeKids we have a ton of opportunities for your elementary student to have fun.

This summer, we’re offering our first ever Day Camp, July 9 – 13, 2012, for students going into grades K - 5. This week will be packed full of fun. Your kids can just hang with us in the morning for a vacation Bible school or spend the entire day with us as we venture out in the afternoons to some sweet spots.  

Summer Camp, for students going into grades 3 - 6, is August 6-10, 2012. We’ll be going “up north” to a beautiful lake and a week full of new friends and time with God. There are still spots available for both camps and there is no better investment you can make in the lives of your kids this summer!

There’s just something about summer that says fun… maybe we should rename it Fummer or Funner. Anyway make sure if you have elementary students, you get them involved in one or both of these camps.

Register and find out more information about Summer Camps at Life Church by downloading this

Top 10 Reasons Kevin Ganiere Loves Easter at LifeKids

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By Kevin Ganiere

10 – Seeing all our kids dressed up!
9 – CANDY!
8 – Crazy skits
6 – Black light and Glow in the Dark
4 – Glow Necklaces
3 – LifeKids bringing their friends
2 – A chance to win a HUMONGOUS nine-foot Easter basket filled with CANDY!
1 – Seeing kids give their heart and life to Jesus

You might read my list and think, “Wow, that’s a lot of candy!” You are right. The candy will be flowing. But that is not what Easter is about. We pour a lot of time and energy into making Easter a big deal in LifeKids. Why? Because we know all those kids and families need to know the real meaning of Easter: That God sent His only Son so that whoever believes in Him will not perish but have eternal life.

Let’s not allow Easter to get lost in the fake grass of our baskets this year. Let’s be intentional to invest and invite people to a place where they will enjoy themselves, but also where they will have the opportunity to hear about Jesus.

Who do you know that needs to be at Life Church this Easter? Who do you know that needs to hear the life-changing message of the Gospel? Use our easy online invite to ask them. I promise, when they come, we will be ready for them!

Parenting Tips from the Cosby Show

By Kevin Ganiere

Recently my family and I rid ourself of cable and discovered Netflix streaming. I am not receiving any monetary kickback from Netflix for this, but IT IS AWESOME! 

The best thing about Netflix is all the old shows you can watch. From old Dennis the Menance to the A-team, to my favorite, The Cosby Show. The show is truly a “family” show. I remember the show from when it was on network television. Back then, I thought it was mildly funny and tolerable, but as a parent , it is downright hysterical! So many situations on the show are one I have felt as a parent and can relate to. One of my favorite lines is where Dr. Huxtable says, “My wife and I have been married for 20 years and we grow closer everyday… Mainly because we are scared of the kids!”

There are so many great moments on the show, but what I am also finding is the way the Huxtables parent their children is a lost art. Here are some examples:

1. Respect is expected. Have you noticed on today’s sitcoms, the kids are super disrespectful? Well, not the Huxtables. The kids may talk back, but not without consequences.

2. Parents act as a team. Parents on today’s sitcoms are pushovers and most of the time are pitted against each other. Cliff and Claire are a team. They do not take sides and all decisions are mutual.

3. Wise (not frivolous) use of money is encouraged. Although both Cliff and Claire have high-paying careers, they value wise money choices over indulging in fads or trends. Theo, their oldest son, always tries to keep up with fashion trends, but Mr. Huxtable frequently reminds him to make wise decisions. 

4. Parents keep the romance alive in their relationship. Cliff and Claire continue to date each other. In one episode Cliff takes her out for a date night and tells her it is a “you’re not a mom night”. My wife thought that was pretty funny and has suggested we make date night “we’re are not parents night”.

5. When all else fails use humor! When your kids are throwing fits or sad or are crying, break out your Yoda voice or Fozzy the Bear voice and see what happens!

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