Heart for the House Update

Heart for the House Update.

Want to check out a live view of construction? Go to heartforthehouse.org/live/.

Highlights from our groundbreaking. 

Groundbreaking News

Life Church is breaking ground on an new facility at the Germantown Campus! Join us Sunday, September 16 at 1:00PM for a ceremonial groundbreaking celebration. Oh, and bring your shovel!

Update on the new building

By Ryan Coggins

One of my key areas of responsibility over the past year or so has been our new building project on the Germantown Campus. After well over a year of design work with our architects, we’re starting to get to the fun stuff. This past week I was a part of a meeting in which we chose many of the internal design concepts. I can tell you with full confidence that this building is going to be AWESOME!  
From the Early Childhood area, to the Student Center, to even the bathrooms, this facility is going to speak a message loud and clear to our community. Our construction manager said it best when he said, “If you guys build a building that looks like what you’re describing, it will be by far the coolest church I’ve ever seen!” I think he’s right!
But it’s so much more than just building a cool facility. It’s about reaching our community for Jesus, and I believe we’re going to do that even more effectively through this project. We’re able to free up more seats during prime times, especially in the Early Childhood area where we are capped.  We’ll also be able to communicate that we value children through the 600 square foot play place, which will be highly visible from outside.  And lastly, we’ll go from a storefront to an impressive elevation that lets our community know that we place a huge value on excellence and guest service.
It’s so important to communicate this type of message before someone ever participates in a service, because if we don’t, there are many people who might not ever give church a chance. The biggest reason people don’t attend church in America is because of a bad experience they once had at church. We want this experience to be the very best possible, so we do not distract from the life-changing gospel of Jesus Christ.  
I cannot wait to put shovels in the ground and see this building constructed. It’s so exciting to be a part of something that will change so many people’s lives!

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