What One Man Discovered in the Aftermath of a Hillsong United Worship Experience

By Randall Cartwright

A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to catch Hillsong United, at the Bradley Center in Milwaukee.  I’ve seen them before, and always left refreshed.  They are one of the best worship teams out there.  

A couple of days before the concert, Hannah and I decided to really open our hearts and ask God speak to us individually in any way He wanted to during the concert.  I prepared my heart and asked God to show me new things.  

During the concert they sang a song called “Aftermath.” Joel Houston, the worship leader for United, explained why they chose to call it Aftermath. He said that normally “aftermath” has a negative or a traumatic meaning. Similarly, when you look at the Crucifixion as an event, it brings to mind a negative and horrific picture.  But the “aftermath” of the Cross is Hope for all mankind.  The aftermath of the Cross is grace, freedom, peace, life and everything that is good about God. Some of the lyrics go like this…

And in a moment of glorious surrender

You were broken for all the world to see

Lifted out of the ashes

I am found in the aftermath

And I know You’re with me

And I know You’re with me

And I know You’re love will light the way

When they sang this song I felt the comfort of God like never before. In that moment I felt God reassuring me that everything is going to be ok no matter what comes my way. No matter what’s in the past, no matter what’s in the future,  God is with me.  It was just what I needed to hear. That I am found in the aftermath.